Inland Valencia, where I live, has always possessed a very rich variety of natural resources. Grass, reed, cane and other plant fibres created the possibility for inhabitants to weave and plait utensils they needed for everyday life. Esparto grass was the most important fibre in my area. Over the last ten years I found and studied an astonishing variety of plaited baskets, bags, nets, carpets, cages, shoes and hats, and many more objects. It is surprising that this material, so appreciated down the ages, was almost completely abandoned after 1960. Inspired by local craftsmen and the nature around me I explored the established traditions that were directing me towards the development of contemporary designs.

My bags hopefully show a natural relationship between the “old” and the “new”. Working with esparto grass for more than ten years I´m fully convinced about the quality of the material – the bags will last a lifetime. Details of my models can be adapted to the needs and taste of its owner and all attachments like handles and bands are fixed in a way that they can easily be replaced. The bags are 100% handmade in Spain from 100% renewable Spanish grass. No chemicals are involved and the material is 100 % biodegradable.