Pennenmatten bags

6 enero, 2018 By Matías 0

Convinced by the excellent qualities of esparto, a plant fibre native to Spain, I focussed on developing a new range of bags. They make use of traditional esparto basketry, applying local knowledge I have acquired over many years of living in rural Spain. A good design involves a significant investment of time, until the design and its materialisation find a natural balance. A good idea will improve in the manufacturing phase, as it is put into practice and the possibilities of its production become evident. Some years ago I saw a photograph of a Spanish craftsman showing a self made esparto doormat. Behind the man you could see part of a weaving-loom, which he used for making his doormats. For years I thought about this photo, the man, the mat, and the loom, until I saw something similar in another photograph of old Dutch doormats made of “bies”, a native Dutch plant fibre. At that moment I decided to make my own doormat weaving-loom in a round form in order to develop a new technique for a new bag design. The two pennenmatten bags, a small and a bigger size, and the “trammelant” bag are the first results. Made on a loom for doormats, the results are original and striking. The bags are intended for daily use, being made of high quality esparto-grass, and the process of manufacturing is quite efficient. Pennenmatten bag (small) approx. 25 x 26 x 5 cm.
Pennenmatten bag (big) approx. 35 x 23 x 5 cm. Trammelant bag approx. 42 x 20 x 24 cm. With leather band.